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Video Production Services

High-Quality, Live, Pre-Recorded, & Animated Videos For Kentucky Companies and all over the US!

Want to add some punch to your company’s digital presence? Contact Studio46 Media for polished, live, pre-recorded, or animated videos. Our talented video production team can help you map out a strategy, create compelling content, and deliver inspiring final products to grow your business. We’ll translate your message and vision into high-quality video productions, from documentaries to commercials to social media content.


Studio46 Media offers a range of video production services for any style of video you need. We have you covered with our seamless video production process, whether you need the video for commercial, customer testimonial, training, recruitment, branding, company culture, corporate communication, or documentary purposes.

Video Production

We’ll handle the entire process of creating a video, no matter its style. Our experienced and creative team will help you plan, script, scout locations, and cast actors during pre-production. During production, we’ll shoot every shot until satisfactory, and then post-production will edit the video and the audio and then add any special effects. Studio46 Media can find the best way to tell your brand’s story so that the video resonates with potential customers.

360° Videos

We can create unique and immersive 360° videos using innovative omnidirectional cameras. These videos act as virtual reality experiences for viewers and can be moved and watched in all directions. 360° videos stand out on social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook when properly branded. Service and product-oriented companies can benefit from using this video type to appeal to the next generation.

Aerial Videography

Aerial videography is shot from the air and captures an elevated vantage point. It allows your company to showcase a building or other focal point via angles not usually shown. Our licensed drone pilots will take care of all the production needs so that your company doesn’t need to worry about renting a drone, helicopter, or high-end cameras.

2D/3D Animation

Animated videos and elements can help your brand solidify a marketing style and message in a visually effective way. This video style can be used on multiple marketing channels, including social media and email campaigns, and is memorable for your customers. Our talented animation artists will work with you to build flexible assets on budget and on time.


Studio46 Media’s editors have a wealth of experience editing commercials and corporate projects, helping us create incredible video products for our clients in various industries. By rearranging and modifying your video project, our team can produce a polished product that impresses your prospective and current customers.

Live Streaming

Our live streaming experts can help your company reach a new, unlimited, and highly-engaged audience online. We use state-of-the-art broadcast equipment for crystal clear stream quality and a smooth customer experience. We’ll also act as your strategic partner for prepping and executing events.

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7 Reasons why you should choose Studio46 for video production.

Since many people have access to smartphones and editing software nowadays, you might wonder what the benefits of hiring a production company are. As an experienced and creative team of video production experts, Studio46 Media can provide you with peace of mind that your video will be excellent.

We understand how to tell emotionally engaging stories and create a “hook” for viewers to latch onto
We handle the end-to-end process as a one-stop shop so that you don’t have to juggle hiring multiple freelancers or small production companies
We can adjust the video to your company's tone and voice so that your company's casual playfulness or formal polish comes across in the video
We know how to get your employees comfortable with being on set
We know how to give clear direction to the talent on set so that shoots don’t go over time and budget
We can help you generate a strategy for video so that your brand has diverse content to reach the audiences you want to target
We understand how crisp and clean editing, animation effects, and sound design can make or break a video




We consider this to be the most important step of the process. Our team will meet with you to determine who your target audience is, discuss the look and feel you would like for the project, create a detailed timeline, and set a final date for delivery of the project.



After we understand your story and who you want to reach with your message, we will work with you to determine the best way to communicate it.



Now that we have our plan together, we will take the time to meticulously organize our crew, travel, locations, equipment, and everything needed to properly tell your story. We’ll also review the project again with you to make sure that you feel comfortable with all points of the strategy and creative vision.



Now it’s time to put our plan into action. We will select the latest cameras, lighting, and audio equipment available in the market, and make sure that all aspects of the production are being handled by our team of industry professionals.



After production, the project is placed into the hands of our editors, visual effects artists, and sound designers. This is where your project comes to life on screen.



When the first cuts of your project are ready, our team will work closely with you to review the footage and make any additional edit decisions or adjustments that are needed before sending them back to the post-production team to complete the final version for delivery.



Now that the project is complete, and because we already have a strategy in place, delivery of the content to the right channel is a simple process. Youtube, Vimeo, FTP, Social Media, Website, Broadcast TV, Outdoor, Live Event – you name it, and we will make sure that your story is

FAQs About Video Production

Case Study

Featured Project: NexGen Aviation

Kentucky-based luxury charter flight service NexGen Aviation partnered with Studio46 Media to produce a 50-second spot showcasing the airline’s posh and upscale amenities. We worked with them to create a story about friendly airline staff diligently inspecting a private jet and a couple enjoying food and drink services. This polished, cheerful video allows customers to put themselves in the couple’s shoes and show how they, too, could appreciate the services.



Ready to create? Reach out to us today to learn how we can help accomplish your vision and produce a white-label video or event you’re proud of that resonates with your audience.

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