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Video Production Studio Rentals in Lexington, KY

Full-Service Video Production Studios For Rent 

Studio46 Media has two full-service video production studios: Studio A and Studio B. Rent one to fulfill your vision with efficient Hollywood-style production at any scale.

We provide state-of-the-art technology and soundproofed studios at an affordable hourly rate. With only a two-hour minimum, clients have the flexibility to book around their schedules. 

Our studios have a Studio Manager who will ensure your day-of experience goes smoothly, including ensuring you have all the necessary equipment and are comfortable using the technology. We can even have one of our video production professionals assist with your shoot for an additional fee if you’d like an extra hand on deck. 

Contact us today to learn more about our inclusive studio rental package with everything you need for your next video.


Whether you want to produce a large-scale or direct-to-camera project, we’ve got you covered. Both studios are hardwired to our control room and capable of going live. You can also use them for podcast recordings! Regardless of the type of video you want to produce, our studios and staff provide a seamless experience with high-quality equipment.

Studios A & B Include:

Studio Managers

Our video production studio managers will help you set up and operate the equipment.

Teleprompters with Return Monitors

Never forget what you scripted with our teleprompter.

Boom and Lavalier (Lav) Microphones

We provide boom and lav microphones to ensure you will have excellent audio for both wide and close-up shots.

Soundproofing Ceiling Foam

The rental studios come with soundproofing so that no outside noise makes its way into your videos.

Couch Studio

Studio “A” Features

  • 40’x60’ Studio Space: Enjoy plenty of space to host a small or medium-sized event. Our versatile space has enough room for you to even roll in a bass boat or bucket truck!
  • Cyclorama (Cyc) Wall: A massive cyc wall, also known as an infinity wall, has a curve to it and provides the on-camera illusion of an endless room, providing excellent opportunities for centering a person or object in your video.
  • Lighting Grid: A proper light grid lets you direct light only on your subject and prevents light from diffusing to the background.
  • Lighting Control Panel: We provide flexible and integrated lighting control of 18 LitePanel RBG (red, blue, and green) lights that combine to produce millions of hues.
  • Green Screen: Skip on-location shooting with our studio’s green screen and unlimited backdrops.
  • 10x’10’ Silk in Ceiling: The silk ceiling diffuses light, and creates a soft lighting in the studio.
  • Voiceover Booth: Record isolated vocals and music takes in our voiceover booth.
  • Luxury Green Room: Our green room comes with multiple comfortable couches, a refrigerator with complimentary drinks, a workstation, dressing and makeup rooms, and a bathroom with a shower.

Studio “B” Features

  • 15’x30’ Studio Space
  • 4K High-Resolution Video Wall: Use our beautiful nine-screen video wall for a large display surface in the background of your video. A 4K video wall has a high pixel density, reducing the visibility of individual pixels.
  • Canon C200 Camera: Our permanent Canon C200 Camera can record 4K footage without compromising quality.
  • LTN Global Broadcast Connection: Want to connect with audiences around the world? We’re one of only two LTN Global locations in Kentucky that can live broadcast or stream to over 3,000 global locations.

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4 Benefits of Renting a Professional Studio

People spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos. The medium is everywhere, from broadcast TV to video boards you pass by in person. It’s important to have a strong video with compelling branding and memorable messaging to stand out in the sea of available content. Renting a professional video production studio can help by providing the 4 following benefits.

1. Great Video Production Equipment

High-quality video equipment allows for clean zooming and framing, adding a professional aspect to your videos. Renting a studio generally gets you access to powerful multimedia technology, camera systems, and other equipment that will increase your video’s production value and the chance that it will resonate with your audience.

2. Crisp Sound

Sound quality can make or break a video. Distracting or muffled audio can make viewers click away from your video. Keep the focus on your video’s dialogue or music with our studio’s microphones and voiceover booths.

3. Excellent Lighting

Proper lighting is key for drawing attention to your desired focal point in a video. However, the camera interprets light very differently from the naked eye, making it important to get a professional’s take. Studio46 Media’s lighting experts can help you set up lighting that matches your desired visual atmosphere.

4. Saves You Time and Money

Renting a studio provides you with the peace of mind that you’re using expert-approved equipment, saving you time and money on reshooting due to poor sound or video quality.


Hair & Makeup Artists

We can help you source hair and makeup artists who can work with any skin tone and hair texture for your talent.


Is your team shy? We can help you find and direct on-screen talent.

Additional Equipment

We can provide more cameras, audio equipment, grip, and lighting systems from our production warehouse.

Extra Camera Operators

If you’d like multiple angles to choose from, our camera operators are happy to help you with your shoot.

Recording & Video Editing

Studio46 Media’s production team can storyboard, record, and edit your video for you.

Craft Services

Keep your team happy and fed with our craft services.

Video Production Studio Rental FAQs

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605 Blue Sky PKWY
Lexington, KY 40509