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Experienced Video Producers Create Safety & Training Video Content Solutions

By investing in high-quality safety and training videos, companies of all sizes and industries can improve their employees’ skills and knowledge. These videos not only lead to improved performance and productivity in the workplace, but also higher retention rates. In fact, research has shown that 94% of employees stay at their current employer if the employer invests in their long-term learning*.

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As a full-service video production company, Studio46 provides everything your business needs to develop effective safety and training videos. We also understand how essential yet time-consuming the training process can be. That’s why we work hard to understand your business background, vision, and goals and then deliver custom-branded video content to educate and empower your workforce.


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At Studio46, we specialize in high-quality safety and training videos that are tailored to your specific industry and culture. By educating employees on essential safety procedures, policies, and job functions, your business can create a safer and more productive workplace. You’ll also save time and money on employee training while increasing the retention of materials presented.

1. Save Time & Avoid Generic Training: If you’ve ever had to sit through a low-quality, generic training video, then you probably recall it didn’t add much value to your job or company knowledge. Avoid wasting precious time by creating custom video content that engages employees with valuable takeaways. Reports have shown that 41.7% of companies save on training costs by using Learning Management Systems with branded video content.

2. Keep Training Consistent: Consistent videos ensure that all employees receive the same accurate information. This helps to reduce confusion and misunderstandings. Plus, employees are also more likely to remember the material if it’s presented in a consistent manner, which can lead to better performance and improved safety in the workplace.

3. Demonstrate Commitment to Employees: By creating videos that are tailored to your specific industry, company culture, and audience, you’ll demonstrate that you care about your employees’ experiences and want to provide them with the best possible training and safety information.

4. Quickly Change and Update Training Materials: Videos can be easily edited and updated to reflect changes in procedures or regulations. This is especially true for animated videos, where changes can be made quickly and without having to reshoot the entire video.

5. Improve Safety: Video is a far more engaging format than traditional text-based training materials. Through a visual demonstration of policies, best practices, and procedures, you’ll make it easier for employees to understand and follow instructions. This knowledge can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

6. Maintain Regulatory Compliance: Many industries have strict safety and regulatory requirements that companies must follow. Safety and training videos can help ensure that employees are aware of these regulations and are following proper procedures.

7. Increase Productivity: High-quality training videos provide employees with the knowledge they need to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. By presenting information in a memorable and easy-to-understand format, you’ll help them retain the information presented, which can lead to increased productivity and improved performance.




Prior to filming, our video production team will meet with you to discuss your intent, goals, brand, and desired look and feel of the video. From there, we’ll establish a timeline of deliverables, including which platforms to upload your videos to. We’ll also set a final date for the project delivery.


Once we’ve ironed out the voice, tone, and audience details, we’ll work with you to uncover the most effective way to communicate your overarching message. Be it a welcome vignette followed by a series of explainer videos or a longer, in-depth training video, we’ll review the advantages and drawbacks of various formats. You can share your feedback and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. We value our clients’ input.


We meticulously plan and organize the crew’s schedule, travel logistics, equipment, and location setup needed to shoot your video on time and on budget. Our project managers will keep you informed of every stage of the project.


After filming has wrapped, our talented video editors and sound designers will bring your video to life by refining and enhancing the raw footage into a polished, final product. Through scene selection, color grading, audio mixing, motion graphics, music, and voiceovers, we’ll create a cohesive and engaging story that captures the viewer’s attention.


Once the first few cuts are ready, we’ll send them to you for review. We want you to be completely satisfied with the final results, so if there are any changes or edits you’d like to make, this is the time to let us know. You can also come by the studio in person to see us edit live!


After the video is complete, we can upload it directly to your preferred channels (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, social media, etc.), share it through cloud-based services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive), or send you a secure, downloadable link that’s compatible with any server or device. Our goal is to make it easy for you to access and view your video content, whenever you want or need to!



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As a team with decades of combined experience in video and event production, Studio46 Media’s event producers know how to overcome any logistical and production event challenge smoothly. Plus, we’re uniquely positioned to create engaging events with a “hook.” Studio46 Media is also home to a team of event production professionals who utilize their talents to provide live and virtual event services for diverse companies and organizations nationwide.


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