Studio46 Media Captures the NexGen Aviation, LLC Brand

Studio46 Media and NexGen Aviation, LLC

NexGen Aviation, LLC is Kentucky’s premier private jet air charter service provider, and Studio46 were able successfully show off some of their fleet at the Bluegrass Airport with the help of our creative team at Studio46 Media and local talent in the Lexington community.

The Studio46 Team

Studio46 Media has a Video Production team of industry professionals with over 150 years of experience combined – including videographers, editors, writers, live event producers, and FAA licensed drone/UAV pilots that have worked on local, regional, national, and international projects. Members of our team have created, led, produced, edited, and deployed many of the area’s top projects over the past several decades that are seen all over the world.

The key players in the production of the NexGen Aviation, LLC commercial were:

  • Director/Producer: Russell Johnson
  • Director of Photography: James Ochsenbein
  • Executive Producer: Bryan Dowell
  • Producer Assistant: Charles Thompson
  • Assistant Camera Operator: Nate Underwood
  • Stunt Driver/Car Mount Specialist: Jeb Smith
  • Grip: Paul Moore
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Adam Wilson
  • Lead Editor: Shelby Turner
  • Lead Colorist: Daniel Yang

In addition to our Video Production team at Studio46 Media, we would like to give a special thanks to the following individuals who helped make the video a success:

  • Maria Montgomery – Talent (Former Miss Kentucky)
  • Tod Lanter – Talent (Former University of KY Basketball player)
  • Kim Dixon – Hair & Makeup Artist
  • George “Peaches” No – Gaffer

Video Edit & Color

What really set this video a part, aside from the incredible equipment and talent on screen, was the smooth, stylish, and stunning look of the video.

“Our motivation for color was to make this a really saturated and playful piece while giving a luxurious, almost velvety feel,” stated Daniel Yang, Lead Colorist. The post-production team utilized AVID, a video editing software, and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve software to color this spot.

Additionally, the production, talent, and costumes were well planned ahead of time. “The contrast of Maria Montgomery’s red dress with the blue in NexGen Aviation, LLC’s logo, the pilot’s blue shirts, the blue on the plane, and Tod Lanter‘s jeans and blue jacket – really gave me the opportunity to make Maria’s red dress pop!” added Yang.

The time of day was perfect for production – the cameras started rolling around 5pm, and concluded at 10pm as the sun was finished setting. This allowed a very small window of time that allowed us to color the spot with that warm sunset look, and our production team absolutely nailed it. Director of Photography, James Ochsenbein, used a practical flare filter that gave us those cool light flares from the sun, the Lamborghini’s headlights, and hangar lights. Lead Colorist, Yang, was able to grab onto those flares and really accentuate them, giving us a more stylized look that worked perfectly with this video. We can’t forget to mention, all of the professional driving and Steadicam work done by Jeb Smith and Charles Thompson. Keeping a light, but firm foot on the gas and brake while capturing the beautiful traveling shots is no easy task!

The Studio46 Media team had a lot of fun capturing the footage, and are thankful that NexGen Aviation, LLC collaborated with our Video Production team to make this possible.

If you’re looking for more information on NexGen Aviation, LLC, visit their webpage at or visit their Facebook page at