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Why is Video Marketing So Important?

Let’s face it! Video marketing is the king of promotion. It is a popular way to reach potential buyers and an exciting technique to leave a long-lasting impact on minds.

Digital marketing experts believe that video marketing tools will dominate the advertising world in the coming years. We predict that video marketing’s raging trend is here to stay and can enhance your business’s overall effectiveness and reach with campaigns.

Of course, there are plenty of ways for viewers to consume content. However, video marketing has been on top of the charts consistently. This isn’t too surprising considering everyone’s busy and demanding lifestyle is conducive enough to new formats. It doesn’t usually allow them to take information on-the-go. Instead of that, they need ways that are more concise, accessible, and condensed.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the allure of video marketing is undeniable. The marketing form is on its way to rule the world of online advertising in the future. The recent statistics demonstrate that your potential consumers tend to watch your videos more than they read about your brand. And when you seek professional help from an expert digital marketing company such as Studio46 Media, you increase your chances to attract new customers.

Still not convinced?  Keep on reading to find out why video marketing or advertising can boost your business.

Role of Video Marketing in Business

Did you know approximately 90 percent of B2B prospects prefer watching videos online?

It doesn’t end here; people watch more than four billion videos of different brands on YouTube every day.  And about 1/3 of people make their purchasing decision after watching a marketing video.

Imagine how an innovative marketing tool increases organic engagement and boost business growth. From moving prospects through various stages to upgrading brand recognition, the trend of video marketing can do everything. Now, video marketing has become an important tool to climb rapid growth.  

Marketers should include well-planned and creatively designed videos in their digital marketing strategy. There is no doubt that videos can play a crucial role in creating and strengthening brand awareness. They are gradually becoming an indispensable part of the innovative marketing mix.

It is simply because videos are easy-to-share, have great potential to circulate on different platforms, engage users immediately, and are perfect for mobile marketing. 

In fact, according to a study, eight out of ten viewers develop a positive perspective about a brand after watching its commercial campaign. Brands who invest wisely in this medium reap the benefits because 45% of video sharing happens through mobile.

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Investing in Video Marketing – Why it is Important?

Video marketing is an innovative way to promote your brand, products, and services. Today’s customers are active and like participating in happening online events. If you have access to a talented team of videographers, they can create video content for you, and will be tremendously beneficial for your brand.

Take a look at the given reasons to understand the importance of video marketing in your business. 

1. Videos are Easy-to-Use and Cost-Efficient

Creating a video to promote or market your brand is way more cost-efficient than you think. With great video marketing services like ours at Studio46 Media, you do not need to be a tech pro when it comes to uploading or editing professional marketing videos. Let us do that for you!

We offer a great video production service in Lexington, KY, to help you create amazing visual content for your potential customers. Our expert team specializes in designing creative video content in innovative ways. It works with efficient videographers who know how to encapsulate your message into a video in fewer budgets.

2. B2B Wins

ReelSEO published a survey in 2017, according to which 96% of B2B companies use videos when they run market campaigns.  One of the main reasons that the ReelSEO survey highlighted was that video is an easy and quick way to narrate your story.

That means if your video is relevant and captivating, potential clients will definitely seek it.  Another current study showed that 70% of B2B consumers watch videos before they decide to purchase.  About us, testimonials, product descriptions, and quick tips are some of the famous video types.

At Studio46 Media, we excel in storytelling, it can be a great option to create a B2B winning video.

3. Video Creates an Emotional Connection

A well-designed video is an excellent marketing tool that captures the audience’s attention and creates a strong emotional connection with the brand and its services.  While many mediums can form this connection, the video has the edge over them due to its speed and impact.

A viewer quickly establishes a connection with the product and services. This established emotional connection with a specific brand helps make new leads and cement the brand’s loyalty. That is why the brands need to be strong storytellers for high sharing, driving more traffic, and increasing sales.

4. Video Can Boost Sales and Conversions

Whether you agree or not, video can help marketers make profits. If you add a product video and land it on your website’s landing page, it can increase conversion by 80%.  In addition to that, video can lead sales directly.

Many studies have shown that approximately 74% of customers who watch explainer videos about any product subsequently make purchasing decisions. It happens because vision is one of the dominant senses humans have.  It transmits information directly to the brain faster than another sense.  So you should start creating exciting product videos with the help of our video experts to boost customer engagement.

5. Marketing Video Builds Customer Trust

Building customer trust is one of any organization’s goals, whether it is a startup or an established business. Marketing through video, in this regard, help brands build a long-term relationship with the customers.  Instead of selling, it is better that brands let customers come to them. It can happen when brands provide useful and interesting information.

As mentioned earlier, a well- developed video ignites emotions, and that is why YouTube has become one of the most powerful media platforms for brand promotions. Landing promotional videos on YouTube is a smart way to foster the client’s trust and confidence.  

6. Google and Digital Marketing

You might not have heard that video marketing allows brands to increase their visitor spending on their site. That means if your embedded video is engaging and provides the information the customer is looking for, the chances of your website appearing on Google search will likely to increase by 53 times. Since Google owns YouTube now, a good video will significantly increase your search engine ranking.

Why Hiring a Video Production Company is Beneficial

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Brand Visibility

One of the most important benefits of hiring a quality video production company like Studio46 Media is that it can improve brand visibility.

The global online market is infinitely crowded, where the brands’ key concern is how to stand out. Regardless of how immaculate your service or product manufacturing is, it means nothing if the customer can’t find you online.  

Simply stated, if you’re looking for increasing traffic on your brand pages, it is vital to pull the audience in with your visual content, and marketing through video can do that.

Greatest ROI

With a high-tech smartphone in your hand, shooting, editing, and producing a video has become a breeze. That means anyone can create a corporate video with his/her smartphone, but not everyone is an expert to create professional, high-quality video.

Because of increasing demand and fierce competition among brands, professional video companies are now very affordable compared to the last few years.

At Studio46 Media, we provide impeccable services without having you breaking the bank.  Our affordable prices and high-end video content make it easy for startups to hire them.

Can Build a Loyal Base

Today customers have multiple sources and platforms and an array of choices of different brands offering their services. If your brand fails to convince the customers, they won’t take the time to switch to another brand’s services. 

Hiring a video production company like us will ensure that you get creative and professional content. It not only improves your brand awareness but also creates trust with the customers.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, creating a buzz or boosting sales around your business offering is not always easy.  But incorporating some creative strategies can surely make a splash with your competitors and customers.

Video marketing is powerful enough to lead your sales, build customer trust, engage audiences, and improve brand awareness. The given ideas are effective and easy to implement regardless of the size of your business.

Studio46 Media is a trusted video production and video content companies that create marketing videos that your brand needs to excel. Thus, we can help you accomplish your video marketing goals.



Reach out to us today to learn how we can help accomplish your vision and produce a product or event you will be proud of.