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Studio46 Media Collaborates with Hit Show Forensic Files II



Lexington, Kentucky (July 8, 2021) – Studio46 Media announced that they have partnered with HLN’s Forensic Files II, serving as the video production team for an upcoming episode. 

Forensic Files II, a successful, long-running, and fan-favorite original series, premieres this Sunday, July 11 at 10:00 pm, airing exclusively on HLN.

Studio46 Media served as the lead video production crew for episode 2 of season 2, “The Ink Beads”. The episode explores the mysterious death of Clay County’s William Sparkman.  Sparkman’s body was found hanging naked from a tree with the letters “FED” written across his chest.  Police and investigators are up for a real challenge to figure out what happened with minimal evidence.

Our 4-person crew drove to Clay County for a full day of production, capturing footage of the local town and the area where the victim’s body was found.

“We really enjoyed working with the team at Studio46…[they were] instrumental in making this episode happen.”

“We really enjoyed working with the team at Studio46” said a member of the HLN Production Team. She added: “The crew at Studio46 was instrumental in making this episode happen.”

For more information about Forensic Files II, season 2 visit this link or read the full article below. To view the trailer of season 2, click this link or watch the video below.

To partner with Studio46 on your next video production or live/virtual event, call 859-977-5846 or visit the website at  

About Studio46 Media

Studio46 Media is a DBA of Davis H. Elliot Company (Elliot), a utility and electrical contractor based in Lexington, Kentucky, founded in 1946, and the sister company of 46Solutions. Studio46 Media provides high-quality video content, world-class live and virtual events, and creative services for Central Kentucky and beyond.

Studio46 Media will debut a new 22,000 square foot facility, including more than 3,800 square foot of studio space in Lexington, KY.  The project is expected to be completed Fall 2021.


HLN Press Release

June 30th, 2021

Leading Crime Docu-Series “Forensic Files II” Premieres Second Season with 14 New Episodes – Narrated By Bill Camp (“Queen’s Gambit”, “News of the World”) – Sunday, July 11, Exclusively on HLN

Concurrent With 25th Anniversary of Groundbreaking Original Series, HLN Celebrates by Airing 250 of Most Compelling Forensic Files Episodes Preceding the Forensic Files II, Season Two Premiere

Link to season trailer:

June 30, 2021 Forensic Files II – the hugely successful re-booted continuation of the long-running beloved original series – premieres its second season, with 14 back-to-back, new half-hour episodes, on Sunday, July 11, 10-11pm ET/PT produced by, and airing exclusively on, HLN.

The highest-rated HLN Original Series in the network’s history, Forensic Files II in its first season, reached additional benchmarks including:

  • In 2020, ranked #8 among the Top 20 non-fiction crime series1on cable among P25-54.
  • Averaged more than one million total viewers for its Sunday 10pm/10:30pm Sunday premiere episodes.
  • Ranked #9 in ALL OF CABLE among P25-54 and #10 among P2+in the Sunday 10p hour.
  • #1 True Crime Series in its time period with P25-54 among the top True Crime cable competition(ID, A&E and Oxygen).

In advance of the Forensic Files II season premiere, timed to the July 4 weekend, HLN will air a Forensic Files Across America” marathon, featuring episodes grouped by U.S. locations airing all day Sunday, July 4, beginning at 10am. Additionally, running Monday, July 5 at 1pm through Sunday, July 11 at 10pm, HLN will present Forensic Files Top 250 Episode Rewind,” 250 of the “greatest” episodes leading up to the season premiere of Forensic Files II.

The original Forensic Files series, which halted production in 2011, returned on February 23, 2020, with new episodes true to the original format, content, and continuity, but featuring advancements in investigative technology and production. Additionally, the series is now narrated by acclaimed film, stage and television actor Bill Camp (Queen’s Gambit, News of the World, JokerThe Night Of).

Forensic Files ll will also stream live for subscribers via CNNgo (at and via CNNgo apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Smart TV and Android TV) and on the CNN mobile apps for iOS and Android. Ahead of the linear premiere, starting on Monday July 5, a series sneak peek will be available on demand to subscribers via cable/satellite systems, CNNgo platforms and CNN mobile apps. The rest of the series full episodes will be available on demand the day after their broadcast premiere via cable/satellite systems, CNNgo platforms and CNN mobile apps.

Forensic Files II is produced by HLN Original Series under the guidance of Nancy Duffy, senior vice president, program development, CNN and executive producer of the series.

Smart home security company ADT continues to serve primary sponsor of Forensic Files II.

Exclusive international distribution of Forensic Files II is through GARYLICO.TV,  Channels committed include RTL, Foxtel, AMC International, Atresmedia, and NITRO.

Following are the loglines for Forensic Files II, all times are ET/PT (some airdates are TBA):

“The Obsession” (Lisa Ziegert) airdate Sunday, July 11, 10pm The mysterious murder of young teacher’s aide leaves a hole in the heart of her small community in Agawam, Massachusetts. As the rumor-mill about suspects churned, the actual perp slipped further away. But generations of investigators and a scientific breakthrough leads to a shocking end to a tragic case.

“The Ink Beads”(William Sparkman) – airdate Sunday, July 11, 10:30pm: 51-year-old father, and teacher, Bill Sparkman is found hanging naked from a tree with the letters “FED” scrawled on his chest.  With barely any evidence to work with, investigators turn to these letters for answers… which leads to a surprising conclusion that no one saw coming.

“The Rise” (Lori Leonard) airdate Sunday, July 18, 10pm A single mom looking for love vanishes without a trace. Foul play is tragically confirmed when a large pickup truck toolbox opens to her body stuffed inside. Homicide detectives investigate men she matched on dating sites, another man she met at work, and finally, a lover with a secret and violent past. Can forensic evidence connect the dots and lead to justice under the law?

“Ten of Hearts” (Jody Loomisairdate Sunday, July 18, 10:30pm: A 20-year-old woman sets out on her bike and never returns. Her body found just a few miles from her house in Snohomish County, Washington, with a gunshot wound to the head. Who would do such a thing? Years go by without any hard evidence or leads, until a new generation of investigators and modern technology breaks the case and finally puts a face to the killer.

“Heavy Metal” (Lee Hartley) airdate Sunday, July 25, 10pm: In 1982, 37-year-old, Navy lieutenant Lee Hartley is murdered while deployed out to sea. Cause of death? Arsenic poisoning. Investigators discover lee had more than his fair share of enemies aboard the ship. But it takes years before investigators discover what really happened to Lee and who, ultimately, was behind this brutal murder.

“Knots” (Lecia Schollmeyer) airdate Sunday, July 25, 10:30pm: A building manager finds the violated and lifeless body of a young woman in the bathtub of her first apartment. When questioned, an ex-con living downstairs lies to police. But the lies alone do not prove murder and the case goes cold. Then a new forensic tool examines the old evidence. Will science point to a hidden suspect and crack the case?

“Family Ties” (Traci Hammerberg) airdate Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): On a brutally cold winter night in 1984, a young woman is found viciously murdered on the side of a rural Wisconsin driveway.  The victim, Traci Hammerberg, had been out with friends for a night of drinking and partying. What happened? Detectives initially have plenty of suspects, but the investigation would remain unsolved. Until nearly three decades later, when forensics from an unrelated crime helps breaks the case.

“The Reunion” (Landy Martinezairdate Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): A murder victim’s final moments are caught on tape.The crime scene looks like a clear robbery-murder. Text evidence at first points to a jilted lover, but will his alibi check out? Now police identify a second suspect with a possible motive of deadly revenge. Forensic technology and DNA evidence combine in an attempt to make the case.

“The Orange Shorts” (Monica Schmeyer) airdate Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): A mortally wounded woman crawls to call 911. Her husband who wants a divorce she will not give him, gets a hard look from police. But he says he has an airtight alibi for the exact time of the murder. The intricate forensic science of ballistics is brought to bear to and draws s a direct connection to an unexpected conclusion.

“Personal Penmanship” (Gail Fulton) airdate Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): A deeply religious librarian, wife and mother named Gail Fulton is shot execution style in the quiet suburbs of Michigan. Surveillance video reveals it was trio of killers that took her down. Is there more to Fulton’s background? Eventually, detectives get a break: a handwritten note. But will it provide enough clues to catch the mastermind behind this horrific killing?

“Full Circle” (Yolanda Sapp, Nickie Lowe, Kathy Brisbois) airdate Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): In 1990, three sex workers are brutally murdered and left along the banks of the Spokane river. A serial killer was on the loose—and detectives had few clues.  Animal hairs, fibers and a fingerprint were found, but for years the perp was never identified. More than 20 years later there’s a break in the case- and an arrest is finally made, but no one could have ever imagined who was behind this sinister crime.

“Incendiary” (Ebb “Doc” Whitley) Sunday, (airdate/time TBA):An early morning house fire kills the only doctor in the small town of Iaeger, West Virginia. Who -or what – could have led to this? An arson investigation quickly leads to the arrest of Jason lively, the son of the doctor’s long-time nurse. But when Jason’s alleged accomplice walks free, the prosecutor is worried this might have been a miscarriage of justice.

[title TBA] (Susan Woods) Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): He is a criminally charged sex offender and a murderer who attacks in a terrifying rage. This predator manages to evade capture for years, but he leaves a critical piece of evidence behind – his palm print. Detectives are determined to do whatever it takes to put a name and a face to the print.

[title TBA] (Charles Nieman) airdate Sunday, (airdate/time TBA): A hearing impaired 77-year-old on a road trip is attacked by a thief and shot to death Why? Because the man cannot hear his assailant’s demands. Random murders are Among the hardest crimes to solve, but investigators are determined to bring this killer or killers to justice. Can advances in ballistics testing crack the case?

About HLN Original Series

Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development, CNN Worldwide, oversees CNN Original Series and HLN Original Series. Nancy Duffy, senior vice president of program development for CNN, supervises production of internally produced HLN Original Series.

About HLN

HLN ( features live coverage of national, regional, lifestyle, and entertainment stories in a fast-paced approachable tone with expert-led hosts. The network also presents original and acquired series focusing on true crime, mysteries, and investigations. HLN is a CNN Worldwide network reaching more than 90 million households in the U.S. CNN is a division of WarnerMedia.

Source: Nielsen Media via Npower. P25-54 AA, P2+ AA (000s) | Forensic Files II Premiere Season (2/23/20-4/12/20). Su 10p-11p. Based on Live+7 data streams. Includes non-fiction crime programming (excludes reality series) with 2 more tlcs.

Contact: Karen Reynolds 212-275-8253


Studio46 Media served as the lead video production crew for episode 2 of season 2 of Forensic Files II, “The Ink Beads”.