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Perks of Utilizing Virtual & Hybrid Events

You can never underestimate the value of in-person interaction. Regardless of the meeting type, face to face meetings remain the mainstay in the professional world. However, the current age has brought virtual and hybrid of live/virtual events center and front.

Going virtual has become an essential part of the event industry. With everything becoming digital, you can now turn a multiday conference into a successful virtual event that is filled with many educational sessions, networking opportunities, and attendees’ insights.

All you need is to ensure that your attendees and participants are engaged and active throughout the event. That means no matter at what scale you organize a virtual event, it requires the same amount of attention and care as an in-person event needs.

Note that your goal is to promote the purpose with both types of events, create worthy moments, and keep your attendees engaged in reaping the benefits. The only thing virtual events miss is attendees’ presence on-site. That is where hybrid events come into play.  You may have 30 people attending in person, and 200 attending virtually.

A virtual event is much more than just a small one-off presentation. It offers a value-added, engagement-driven experience to the host and attendees. It is especially true when you hire our team of virtual event specialists at Studio46 Media. Our competent team masters the execution of virtual and hybrid events on various online platforms.

Our expert production services can help you organize impactful virtual events that extend beyond your computer screens. We ensure maximum onsite event support to make your sure virtual or hybrid event is productive and dynamic. Headquartered in Lexington, KY, we have a virtual event studio to virtually host conferences, meetings, and a hybrid of live and virtual events.

Still not sure why and how utilizing virtual events can keep your business running as usual?  Continue reading to find out some perks of incorporating virtual events into your business.

What is a Virtual Event?

Odds are you have watched an online webinar, attended an on-demand class, or joined a video conference using a video tool from the comfort of your home. They all are examples of how virtual events work.

Typically, a virtual event refers to a meet-up in which individuals experience the content of events online instead of gathering in-person. According to recent data from Google Trends, the world has pivoted to virtual meetings more and more.

There is a large percentage of people who prefer creating and attending virtual events in the form of live events, conferences, and online meetings.  Apart from an idea that a virtual meeting has become a necessity of today’s business format; it allows a vast number of individuals to attend the event.

That is to say, a remote attendee from across the group can easily attend a virtual event. They can access the entire top-tier presenter and participate in an event from home.  And when you create a virtual event with a reliable service like us, Studio46 Media, people are likely to invest and participate.

Take a look at the perks of utilizing virtual events for your business.

Perks of Utilizing Virtual Events

1. Huge Audience Reach

According to the Saastr 2019’s report, one of the tech industry’s business conferences had 10,000 in-person attendees. Interestingly, the virtual event of Saastr’s 2020, created in September, has 50,000 remote attendees. The given statistic demonstrates the power of hosting virtual events.

It is worth mentioning that physical events have plenty of physical limitations that may include square footage, venue availability, and seating capacity. Virtual events, on the other hand, do not have these limitations. All attendees can take part in a virtual event as long as they have an internet connection.

That means one of the most significant perks of hosting a virtual event is huge audience reach. A single event created online can offer learning benefits to thousands of people across the globe. At Studio46, we can help you conduct a virtual event to a massive audience and build brand awareness.

With our online hosting and multi-camera production, we can offer customers many opportunities to grow, learn, and meet other people. If you create a valuable virtual experience for your audience, you can easily mobilize online attendees into brand fans.

Remember that offering a seamless live virtual event is an excellent way to tap into an audience far larger than a stadium can hold.

2. Keeps Events Profitable

Many exhibitors and potential sponsors want to find out the attendees of the virtual session and virtual booth. Also, they are interested to know how many times attendees visited a session. This is one way to approach progressive brands to invest and grow professionally. As attendees can access virtual events and interact with exhibitors and sponsors without spending on travel, they can add to its profits.

3. Saves Money

Did you know businesses spend a huge amount of their marketing budget on organizing events?

From booking venues, paying staff, arranging speakers, advertising & branding, and creating an exclusive experience for participants, the cost includes everything. It doesn’t end here; there is a separate budget for management software, promotional expenses, and event apps. When it comes to creating a virtual event, this physical cost disappears.
There is no venue booking cost eating up your entire budget. Plus, attendees don’t have to pay an expensive fee ticket.  Now, that is not to say creating virtual events is completely cost-free.  You do need a laptop, webcam, and a Zoom account, and to make your event memorable, you may need help from a team of professionals. Hiring a professional virtual event service like Studio46 Media in this regard is ideal as you get expert onsite event support, without having to spend a massive amount.

4. Offers Greater Flexibility

As the virtual event takes place online, it offers great flexibility to brands regarding how they broadcast it. Whether a brand is hosting a leadership conference, a sales kickoff, or any other type of event, it can choose several ways to make the session more interactive. It can offer various language options and invite guest speakers.

5. Create an Exclusive Online Experience

If you have ever been to an in-person event, you must know how it feels sitting in a hall, hearing a speech, and walking booth to booth to meet the professionals. Of course, it is a learning experience but may drain your energy in various physical activities. Virtual events, on the other hand, do not replicate this and offer an exclusive experience. It changes the whole idea and concept of events.

The online event could cater to the digital medium and give attendees a unique experience virtually.   This is a great perk when done right. These events are full of features to delight many people from all over the world.

6. Offers Multiple Networking Options

You might not have heard this before, but virtual event platforms offer plenty of ways to establish professional relationships.

For example, you can create meet-up spaces if you have a special interest, official host parties, and provide comprehensive attendee directories. There is no denying that virtual events cater to people who shy away and find traditional networking difficult. In fact, it is an ideal way to learn and manage information at a comfortable pace. That means the perks of utilizing virtual events are endless.

7. Collects Feedback Easily

Like any event, feedback is essential for virtual events to improve the quality of future projects and events. But in virtual events, attendees are online constantly. That means they can be available any time to answer the real-time surveys or polls in sessions.

This real-time feedback helps brands or presenters evaluate their performance and value. The feedback is also beneficial for assessing the overall success of an online event.

8. Saves Time

Last but not least, using virtual events for your brand can help you save a great deal of time. Also, participating in a virtual event will save attendees’ time.

Keep in mind that virtual events require some additional preparation and setup time. But if you hire our experts from Studio46 as your professional onsite event planner, it is half than a traditional in-person event. As the events need no travel time, your staff will be able to focus on other important things.

In Conclusion

All in all, the interest in utilizing virtual events has spiked certainly since the pandemic. They make an ideal solution to promote or market a brand and hold meetings in the days of bans and gathering restrictions. Incorporating virtual events into your marketing plan can benefit you in many ways.

At Studio46 Media, we provide impeccable services for the virtual event stage and can help your organization shine. Contact us here or call 859.977.5846 to speak with someone from our Team to learn more about virtual events and schedule your tour of our studios.


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