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Don’t Cancel Your Event!

Studio46 makes virtual events easy!

Studio46 Media Director, Bryan Dowell had the opportunity to sit down earlier this month with Jamie Rodgers, Lead Host of the CreativeMornings Lexington chapter to discuss Virtual Events.

Rodgers stated, “CreativeMornings has put a lot of thought into exploring the idea of Virtual Events. Their main priority is maintaining the magic of their monthly in-person events, and ensuring their attendees experience that same magic, virtually.

CreativeMornings is a free monthly gathering for local creatives to come together to celebrate, elevate, and inspire creativity in over 200 cities in the United States. Studio46 Media and CreativeMornings Lex have partnered together to bring a creative twist to their monthly, now virtual, events for the Lexington, KY creative community.

Read more below about what a virtual event is and what the future looks like for events.

Q: What is a Virtual Event?

A: The conference and event industry has had to pivot from traditional “brick-and-mortar” type events to virtual events just like the monthly events put on by CreativeMornings. Virtual events do not have to mean, just sitting at your desk, hosting a ‘zoom’ meeting. You can really take your Virtual Event to the next level by bringing in many of the traditional meeting elements, lights, staging, and décor that you would have used at your in-person event.

Q: What can you do better in a Virtual Event than you can do in a real-life event?

A: The opportunities are endless on how the virtual environment allows for you to make this an immersive and memorable experience. You have the flexibility to bring in guest speakers, subject matter experts, colleagues, from anywhere around the world, in real-time. You have the flexibility to blend together live content like the CreativeMornings events and easily incorporate pre-recorded packages, too. You can ‘virtually’ take people out of the meeting space on a virtual field trip to offices, facilities, local attractions, etc. Virtual events provide you the opportunity to really tailor your content and messaging into bite-size / micro-learning pieces that really stick with adult learners.

Additionally, virtual events allow you to easily connect with your audience by seeing their names with their faces. This enforces involvement with your participants and keeps the audience engaged.

Q: As we finish out the year and planning ahead for 2021, what does a hybrid model of virtual and real-life events look like?

A: A hybrid event is any event that combines live and in-person elements with digital and online components. As businesses reopen and events start to be scheduled, we are expecting some component of “virtual” will be here to stay, especially in 2021; but, even in the years to come. We believe hybrid events will allow a broader reach of participants, easier to interact and engage with the audience through breakout sessions, and allow flexibility to those interested in your event.

To learn more about CreativeMornings and their monthly events, check out their website at You can find their most recent events posted here.

Join us next month as we go live with CreativeMornings on Friday, October 23 at 8:00am Eastern.

Studio46 Media is prepared to take your next event virtual without sacrificing the production value or interactivity of an in-person event.

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