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10 Corporate Events Your Company Should Throw

Do you want to throw a high-quality corporate event that your colleagues and clients will remember? Corporate events are a great way to promote your brand and improve relationships by creating positive experiences for both internal and external stakeholders. They are the way to go if you want to impress a potential new business partner or show some appreciation for your staff.

Not to mention that filming your business event provides you with great footage for the future if you were to create corporate videos. Capturing event footage is a perfect opportunity for you to capture a personal touch to your company’s next human resource, internal safety and training, history documentary, tourism and economic development, or marketing video.

Here are 10 fun corporate event ideas:

  1. Client appreciation events
  2. Holiday parties
  3. Product or service launches
  4. Charity fundraising events
  5. Team-building events
  6. Team training sessions
  7. Planning meetings
  8. Conferences
  9. Trade show
  10. Award ceremonies

Let’s take a closer look at these different ideas and how Studio46’s event production and management team can help make your next event special.

Need Experienced Producers to Organize Your Next Event?

Studio46 Media has delivered high-quality, stress-free event production services across Lexington, KY and nationwide corporate media production services for years. Whether you want to host a collaborative strategic session with your employees or need help arranging your upcoming holiday party, you can count on our team. Call us at (859) 977-5846 or schedule a consultation below.

Client Appreciation Events

Clients are an important part of any business. After all, you can’t be successful without a strong customer base. If you want to showcase how much you value them, consider hosting a client appreciation event to add a personal touch to business relationships by connecting with them outside work settings.

Having event producers at your disposal ensures that your clients enjoy the event and that it goes off without a hitch. Studio46 Media’s event production team can help you design a stage, rig lighting, and set up audio-visual equipment so that you can host a hybrid, virtual, or recorded in-person event.


Holiday Parties

Your employees work hard to make your company successful. Why not show your appreciation by hosting an end-of-the-year holiday party? This gives employees a chance to unwind, bond, and celebrate all the work they’ve done so far. And, with the help of our event production experts, you can make sure it’s a fun night they won’t forget. We provide everything your event could possibly need, from graphic design elements to LED walls.

Product or Service Launches

Launching a new product or service is an incredible accomplishment. Thus, it’s only fitting to celebrate with an exciting corporate event like a ribbon-cutting ceremony or press conference that exposes your new product or service to key audiences (such as customers, investors, and marketers). Not only do launch events assist with marketing, but they also create unique experiences that make your services stand out. They’re a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and commemorating a “new beginning” for your company. Studio46 Media can help you create a full multi-media launch with a custom event website, livestreaming, and online event hosting so you can focus on engaging your audience.

Charity Fundraising Events

State of the art videography equipment facing out towards a banquet room set up for a formal dinner.

Nonprofit organizations benefit greatly from hosting charity events to help them raise awareness and money. A memorable charity event means your attendees will return every year and encourage friends and family to attend. Make your event have a remarkable and enjoyable atmosphere with the right stage design, lighting, and music. Studio46 Media knows how to create an experience that keeps the focus on fundraising while delighting your guests.

For example, a nonprofit client partnered with us to design a charity event with a live auction. Our event producers learned of previous issues with attendees staying engaged during the auction, which led to the charity not hitting its fundraising goals. As a resolution, we customized the lighting and music so that the live auction captured the audience’s attention, raising more money for the organization. Studio46 Media’s experienced staff can help address concerns to ensure your event runs smoothly and supports your cause.

Team Building Events

Hosting a team-building session can boost morale and unity for your staff members. You can create a more cohesive, productive unit by allowing your staff to connect and have fun together. Bonus points if you host the team-building event at a local hot spot to inspire creativity and take your employees out of their day-to-day environment.

Team Training Sessions

Do you want to improve your team’s skill set and help different members bond? Consider hosting a training session. These sessions can focus on anything you want your team to learn, from safety and training to specialized skills to general collaboration exercises. And you can even film them to create reference guides for future employees. Our video production team can make engaging video content that covers a wide range of work-related topics, including the following:

  • Corporate training videos
  • HR video including recruitment & onboarding.
  • Corporate documentaries

We pride ourselves on producing videos that offer high-quality audio and visuals while positively reflecting your brand.

Planning Meetings

Before you know it, it’s time to start planning for next year. Strategizing and budgeting for the upcoming year is essential for any business. It’s a good idea to host a strategic planning meeting so your team can block off time for deep work and collaboration. We can even record the meeting if you want to remember specific details or share information with co-workers, and then edit the footage for human resource and training videos.


Audio, visual set up area showing techs operating equipment for a conference in a large banquet room

Nothing helps companies connect with key audiences quite like a business conference. These gatherings offer an opportunity to network and share products or services with colleagues, customers, and marketers. It’s important to make your event unique, as chances are that your audience has already attended several conferences this year, which means they’ll be looking for something new. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your conference stands out and captures their attention.

For in-person events, we offer additional on-site support and stage management ready to make sure everything on and off stage comes together seamlessly. Meanwhile, we provide production equipment for your speakers so that remote viewers get a high-quality professional experience. We can also pre-record on-location interviews with your team before the conference to use for the live event.

Trade Shows

Trade shows offer a platform where companies within the same industry can connect and share what makes them unique. Most importantly, they let companies provide live demonstrations. When making sales, a visual representation of a product or service is much more effective than words. Keep the focus on your work for the viewers at home with our audio production team, who will make your event sound crystal clear.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are a great way to commemorate excellent performances. Of course, a quality award ceremony requires more than just handing out trophies. At Studio46 Media, we have years of experience in managing award ceremonies. We’ll take care of the event logistics and stage design so that you can focus on what’s important. We’ll have multiple camera operators on-site for dynamic and atmospheric shots of an important company moment. You can opt to record the ceremony and capture unforgettable reactions to use for video content later.

Looking for Expert Event Production Services?

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From finding the ideal location to planning and executing the event, you can trust us to handle every step. Whether it’s a live, hybrid, or virtual event, Studio46 Media will help you create a positive, engaging event experience that your attendees will remember for years to come. With your event footage, we can also produce corporate videos that will help bolster your brand’s digital footprint.

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Reach out to us today to learn how we can help accomplish your vision and produce a product or event you will be proud of.