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Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Professional video production is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. 53% of consumers want to see video content from brands. A polished video from experienced producers can boost your company’s digital presence and engage your viewers to want to know more about you. 

You may be wondering how pricing works. Typically, video producers charge per final minute of video and will provide a quote during pre-production. The four main factors that affect what this quote will look like include: 

  • The video type and duration
  • The crew and talent involved in the video production 
  • The location and equipment used in video production
  • The video production company you hire

Let’s explore these factors in more detail so that you can better understand what goes into the investment of creating a video.

Want a Quote for Your Video?

Call Studio46 Media at (859) 977-5846 or click below to contact us online. Our experienced and reliable video production professionals will meet with you to understand your company’s vision, story, and message. After the planning meeting, we’ll provide you with a quote and delivery timeline.

Video Type and Duration

Strategy and creative planning are the most critical aspects of creating a video. These pre-production steps will decide your vision, impacting the type and duration of the video.

Many types of video content exist, from documentaries to corporate videos to social media content. The right type of video communicates your message in a way that resonates with consumers. Skilled video production professionals will collaborate with you to help you choose a type. 

Using the type of video, they’ll workshop with you on the desired look, feel, and target audience of your video. From there, they’ll be able to estimate the final length of the video, a timeline for when you can expect the final delivery, and how much it will cost. Most quotes are based on the total video length in minutes. For example, if you want a recruitment video for social media, the producers will likely tell you the final video will be 2-3 minutes long and take 4-6 weeks to deliver the final cut. Then, they’ll provide you with a total cost depending on their rate.

Crew and Talent Involved in Video Production

Man programming drone for video shoot
Video production companies account for crew and talent costs in your quote.

After the planning session, the video production company will meticulously organize and hire the crew and talent they need to fulfill your vision

A typical crew for a video includes: 

  • Creative Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Camera and Drone Operators
  • Scriptwriters
  • Lighting and Sound Technicians
  • Grips and Gaffers
  • Video Editors

Luckily, many video production companies have an in-house team for this standard crew, which can decrease the quoted amount. They also have extensive networks and connections for hiring the below crew members if desired for your video:

  • On-camera talent if you prefer someone other than your employees
  • Voice actors and musicians
  • Makeup artists and hair stylists
  • Motion graphics artists
  • Animators

Knowing the number of people that need to be on a set helps the producers scout a location suitable for everybody, which we’ll cover next.

Location and Equipment Used in Video Production

It’s all about the location. The backdrop of a video is an easy way to inspire your audience. 

A great video production company has experience with both on-location and studio shoots. During your initial consultation, they will work with you to decide the best location for your video. They might ask questions like the below:

  • Does your company want the video to be indoors or outdoors? 
  • Will the indoor area be in a studio? 
  • Do you need multiple locations or a green screen? 

Then, they will take care of everything that goes into scouting and using the ideal location. For example, pulling permits, booking travel and hotel for crew members, and coordinating with the facility.

Studio46 Media rents out a 4,000-square-foot studio space that includes a green room, makeup and dressing room, live broadcast studio, and eight edit suites. Contact us for a private tour. 

Once a location has been decided, it’s time to properly set it up to maximize your video’s quality and atmosphere. High-quality video production companies generally own all of their equipment and do not need to rent any out, passing the cost savings onto you. 

Good lighting and sound quality can make or break a video. Meanwhile, the right camera equipment and editing software can change the mood of your video and how your customers react to it. For example, if you’re selling a luxury product, omnidirectional cameras and color grading software can provide your video with a cinematic effect that appeals to your consumer.

Hiring the Right Video Production Company

Hiring a talented video production team can give you peace of mind that you’ll receive a video on time and within budget. These professionals have the skill, networks, and equipment needed to produce diverse, creative videos that impress your audience. 

A high-quality video production company provides the following value, saving you money and time in the long run: 

  • Knowing how to give clear direction to on-set talent so that shoots don’t go over time and budget
  • Owning their equipment and studio space
  • Employing in-house writers and editors to reduce revision costs
  • Providing you with the video raw footage without an additional charge 
  • Delivering properly formatted videos to the right channels for you (e.g., YouTube, social media, broadcast TV, live events) 
  • Having a stock library for video assets and music on hand

Achieve Your Video Vision With Studio46 Media

Hire Studio46 Media for consistently excellent and affordable video production services.

Studio46 Media provides high-quality live, pre-recorded, or animated videos for companies nationwide. No matter the type of video, our experienced and knowledgeable in-house video production team will map out a strategy and deliver a compelling contact to help you grow your business and influence. We’ll work with you from pre-production to post-production to make your video production process seamless and deliver a delightful final product. 

Contact us at (859) 977-5846 or schedule a free consultation below to start creating your video.


Reach out to us today to learn how we can help accomplish your vision and produce a product or event you will be proud of.