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Can the Production Industry Survive a Crisis like COVID-19?

A global pandemic like the coronavirus has changed everything. From economic fall out to the loss of loved ones, the unprecedented tragedy has left the world reeling. The future is susceptible to many businesses, and perhaps things will never be the same for them. 

Within the broader crisis, all sectors of the economy and numerous workers are going through their individual catastrophes. Many industries are trying their best to survive this downturn, and the entertainment industry is no exception.  

You might have seen many film productions making efforts to overcome the pandemic challenges by using it as an opportunity. Video production is shifting from the big screen to digital release and live streaming. We, as smart video producers at Studio46, understand that the need for video content is now more than ever.  

The remote working technologies many video production companies use typically rely on storage solutions and high-end servers. The video production companies are managing functions through a digital mechanism. They are also taking all the necessary measures like sterilization and cleaning the equipment to keep everyone safe.  

Let’s delve into the detail and determine the impact of COVID-19 on the video production industry and what steps it can take to survive in the crisis.  

Impact of COVID-19 on Video Production Industry 

As mentioned above, businesses and industries are facing a difficult time. It is unclear for industries how long they have to face this situation. In this environment of uncertainty, video production companies like Studio46 are devising strategies to survive the crises. 

However, it is a unique case in the history of the world. People and workers across the globe are working from home by making the most of digital forums.  Video makers have increased the volume of creative content to reach the masses and enhance awareness about brands. Typically, you can divide a video production company into two main areas: animation and live shooting. Shooting live videos or covering live events has become difficult for many content creators, creative spaces, and video studios are using professional equipment to shoot stories for social media platforms. 

It doesn’t end here; the creative video producers can help brands cover large projects. Most of the brands have shifted their video content to animations and graphics. Brands are focusing on narrating stories using 3D visualization. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that video creators covering industry conferences, forums, large events, and conferences have moved online. 

That means the need for crafting video presentation in businesses and industries is still here. In fact, it has increased exponentially. While brands used to have 300 people as the audience in the past, now they have 3000 in front of the mobile phone screens. And the task for a video production and event production company remains the same- to tell audiences what a specific brand offers them.   

How the Video Production Industry Takes it as an Opportunity 

Despite businesses being frozen in many industries, video production companies see this crisis as an opportunity. We say this because clients worldwide have changed their mindsets and approaches from making exhibition videos to online presentations for ads and sites. The relevance and practicality of 3D online presentations, videos, and tours for production and visualization are continually growing.  

Our content creators at Studio46 have expanded their services of live events and message-oriented videos in multiple industries. Because our content creators understand your business, they know how to craft compelling videos that deliver your brand message during a pandemic. The creative collaboration is mostly in digital form to avoid the risk of the virulent disease.  

Despite many challenges, our outlook at Studio46 Media, as a well-known video production and event production company in the Central Kentucky area, is optimistic and positive. While many production companies and agencies struggle to survive, our video content creators are taking it as an opportunity and have hit a reset button. With the help of online videos and creative services, the brands and agencies tend to work hard to come out with the solutions in this changing world.  

The video production and live events industry is, without a doubt, flexible, and there is plenty of competent video crafters can do.  From re-versioning content, making compelling videos, crafting voice to hone image, video and event production companies maximize the opportunity to the best. Companies like ours are reimagining the ideas of making and showing content to their audiences.  

At Studio46, for instance, we cofound productions with different brands to help them emerge stronger than before. As an industry-leading company, we are finding new ways of reaching the masses to deliver a brand message for providing creative services.  

The switch of capabilities is massive, and our content creators are now more willing to experiment with things. They are trying to reach a new way of making content to yield better productivity.  

 Take a look at these tips to explore how reliable video production and event production companies survive a crisis like a pandemic.  

How Video Production Companies Survive Crisis 

 Video production and marketing have become the essential tools, giving the highest ROI. If you look at the experiences of global crises in the past, businesses that increased marketing activities were able to sustain in the mainstream.  

That is perhaps another reason the approach and tone of content creation rapidly changed in the current pandemic.  

Experts suggest that companies are not interested in just selling videos anymore. They have now interested in new formats, particularly for video ads, to enlarge their reach and face the lasting impacts on the video production industry in the USA and around the globe. 

Below are some proven strategies that we, as a reliable video production company, have adopted to run daily operations and survive the crisis. The tips are for keeping your business running during the COVID-19.  

Keep Your Workers and Partners Protected 

This is a health crisis, and the safety of employees and workers should always be the priority. A reliable video production company or agency like us ensures its staff makes it through safely and unscathed.  

As the company works with several outside partners and collaborators, they may put health at risk. Health safety is always a priority for a company that considers employees a significant asset. 

The best thing a video production company can do to save employees is to ask them to manage work from home. Studio46, for instance, has a strong telework set-up. The company allows its staff to work from home as much as possible. It limits the number of employees present at the office to ensure their safety. 

Anticipate Disruptions and Interruptions 

Although it may be late to predict stoppages to your business, you can still do a lot to cope with the situation. One way to increase the company’s video production output is to encourage its content creators to film themselves at their homes.  

However, it largely depends on the type of videos a company produces. Ask clients if they can provide filming content to help you work with the content.  

Prepare Pre-Production and Post-Production Department for Remote Work 

The employees of many companies are already working from home. However, if you do pre-production and post-production from your workplace or agency exclusively, you can have a team off-site and split up the work will help you. It is essential to make a comprehensive strategy to secure material and equipment and ensure that it is available for all employees to do remote creative writing and editing. 

Use Local Talent 

Quarantine measures might not lessen at the same speed in all the countries. That means if there are no restrictions in the USA, there may still be prolonged travel bans in European countries.  

So if your video production company gets a chance to shoot in outdoor locations, choose the local ones. It might increase production cost a bit and reduce the risk of disruption that may come with travel.  

Keep Services Flexible 

Last but not least, the production companies that are surviving crisis or coronavirus outbreak shifted their services. If your company’s client work is at stake or has dried up, offering video production highlighting the current situation may help you. You may help brands produce service announcements and public information related to their brands.  

Provide motivational videos for brands working remotely. Ask brands to make entertainment videos, cooking tutorials, and workout videos for their audience to keep them engaged. When brands keep on providing various videos, offer self-shot footages, and add unique animations, it helps them get more business and produce creative content.  

Final Thoughts  

All in all, the pandemic outbreak has upended and altered the ways the video production and event production industry used to work. Surviving in such conditions can be extremely taxing and demanding. If a video and event production company doesn’t know the right tactics and strategies, they might have to shut their business doors. Thus, the given steps can help a production company afloat and survive the pandemic. 


Reach out to us today to learn how we can help accomplish your vision and produce a product or event you will be proud of.