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5 Tips to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting

As companies continue to protect their employees from the coronavirus, enforce social distancing policies, implement travel restrictions, and allow remote working arrangements, there is a very high possibility that in-person meetings and events maybe be cancelled throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

As companies continue to plan vital events and meetings, they should consider the advantages of taking their events to a virtual platform.

Here are 5 steps that will ensure you to have a great virtual meeting:

  1. Test the technology ahead of time. Prior to the meeting, all participants should test the technology and become comfortable with the features of the system. This is especially important for the host or moderator. Be sure you know how to share your screen and allow others to share their screens as well.
  2. Use video. By using video, you allow the attendees to feel like they are at the same meeting in the same room. If possible, elect to use video conferencing rather than traditional conference dial-ins. If you choose a video method, still provide attendees with an audio dial-in option. Video conferencing is excellent; however, it does require a strong internet connection that may not always be available to each attendee.
  3. Mute all microphones. “John, is that background noise coming from your end?” or “Sally, can you mute your microphone?” We’ve all heard statements like these, so it is best for the host to utilize their ability to mute all microphones while someone is speaking and try to eliminate any unnecessary distractions.
  4. Use the chat function. The chat tool is one of the best features on virtual meeting platforms. Each attendee has the capability to chat with all attendees, and private chat to specific individuals. This is a great tool to use for Q&A.  Consider having one person, other than the main speaker monitoring the chat log, or ask attendees to simply send their question via chat and the moderator can answer all questions at the end.
  5. Hit the red record button. Technology is making it easier and easier on us. By simply hitting record, you can download and share the video to the attendees to view at a later time. You can even use the recording to have your meeting transcribed.

Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of your next event. We understand the unique challenges that are occurring in today’s work force that are causing meetings, conferences, and events to be cancelled, but that does not mean that business has to stop.  By following the tips above and allowing Studio46 Media to host your Virtual Event, and handle all the behind-the-scenes items, we can confidently set your event apart from the last one.

Here at Studio46 Media, we have two virtual event stages that are ready to host your next event. Not located in Lexington, KY? No worries, we can host your event live from our studio and still allow a great experience for all attendees. You can check out our virtual event stages here.

Are you ready to take your event virtual? Contact us today for more information.


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